Tenerife's Weather in July

Mean Daily Maximum Temperature: 29°C
Mean Daily Minimum Temperature: 18°C
Sea Temperature: 22°C
Temperature on Hot Days: 34°C
Temperature on Cold Nights: 16°C
Hours of Sunshine Per Day: 11 Hours
Total Sunny Days in a Month: 0.7
Partially Cloudy Days in a Month: 29
Total Rainfall in a Month: 0mm/0.4 Days

It's really getting hot here in July with a mean daily maximum of 29°C and a minimum mean temperature of 18°C.

It is estimated that there will be no rainfall over the entire island for this month, with 29 days in July partially cloudy and an estimated 0.7 days sunny with no clouds in sight. Like August, it's one of the two hottest months of the year.

Tenerife gets 11 hours of sunshine a day in July and the sea is 22°C.

This is based on MeteoBlue’s climate data for Tenerife at the time of writing.