Pool + Gardens Tenerife La Bodega

Our self catering holiday cottages / mini villas at Tenerife - La Bodega are surrounded by 1,400 sq. metres of lush gardens and terraces across 3 different levels.

Upper Level - Tenerife La Bodega

Reception and car park La Bodega Casa Rural, San Miguel, Tenerife.
Car Park

- Once through the pearly white gates and off the street, the car park can accommodate 5 large vehicles. The reception area is to the side.

The trees and garden, La Bodega Casa Rural, Tenerife.
La Bodega Casa Rural, Car Park Garden, San Miguel, Tenerife.
Car Park Garden

- Home to some of the largest trees in San Miguel, including Canarian, Washingtonian and Royal palms.

- A large ornamental vase – water feature – is the focal point of this garden with two stone geese.

- There is also a traditional Canarian bench seat with a unique twist.

Veg Garden

- A small plot of land behind the Car Park Garden, where fresh vegetables and chillies are grown.

Mid Level - Tenerife La Bodega

Tenerife La Bodega, Courtyard garden, San Miguel, Tenerife.
Tenerife self catering - La Bodega, Courtyard, San Miguel, Tenerife accommodation to rent.
View of the courtyard and self catering cottages from above, Tenerife self catering - La Bodega, San Miguel, Tenerife.
Courtyard Garden

- The focal point is a large cylindrical ornamental fountain with miniature cranes.

- There are seating and an eating area on the upper deck.

- Flowering plants and shrubs grow out of wine barrels and the partitioned Canarian terraces.

Upper sun terrace/communal table at La Bodega Casa Rural, Tenerife.
Sun terrace/communal table at La Bodega Casa Rural, San Miguel, Tenerife.
Upper Sun Terrace

- Offers magnificent views of the airport, the red rock of El Medano and the coastline of Golf del Sur and surrounding area, along with views of the pool and lower gardens of La Bodega.

- Has a large communal table which is ideal for eating and drinking at. Enjoy the view whilst getting a tan at the same time.

- From here you can get to Hibiscus and Jasmine cottage.

Lower Level - Tenerife La Bodega

The swimming pool at La Bodega Casa Rural, self-catering cottages in tenerife.
Swimming Pool

- An 8 x 5m outdoor swimming pool with a mosaic dolphin on the bottom. Average temperatures vary throughout the year, but it doesn't get colder than 16 degrees during the winter months.

The fruit orchard at La Bodega Casa Rural, self catering cottages in San Miguel, Tenerife.

- A large fruit orchard boasting various exotic fruits, such as papayas, mangos, figs, oranges and lemons. At certain times of the year, you are encouraged to pick and enjoy the fresh fruits.

Flowers and fruit cohabit together at La Bodega Casa Rural, San Miguel, Tenerife.
Flower Garden

- A large array of native and exotic flowers and plants, including both red and white Tajinaste that are endemic to the island.

Fairy Grotto

- An ornamental garden with lilies, freesias, amaryllis and cosmos, depending on the time of year and, of course, dancing fairies!

Barbeque Area

- An area for barbeques with access to water, space for your food. Everything you will need.

A perfect place to picnic at La Bodega Casa Rural in the middle of the fruit orchard, Tenerife.
Picnic Area

- A communal table in the heart of the garden. Wi-Fi has the strongest signal here.

The sun terrace overlooking the pool at La Bodega Casa Rural, self catering in Tenerife.
Lower Sun Terrace

- Ideal for lounging on one of the sun loungers and bronzing up on that tan.

The pool at night, Tenerife Self Catering - La Bodega, accommodation in Tenerife.

The whole area is abundant with birds and butterflies.

Lights go on after dark and stay on till 11pm. After that, the lights go on automatically when you walk past.